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Digital Event led to Mass Movement to generate goodwill

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The activist who seeded this concept has been a successful environmental activist based out of Karnataka. Prior to being recognised as a public figure, he initiated a social service activity that encouraged the residents of a tier II city to keep the surroundings clean, taking inspiration from the Swachh Bharat mega campaign heralded by PM Narendra Modi.

The Challenge

Trickling down a mega campaign to a relatively micro scale meant that the idea and the message of it had to be communicated to the people in and around Mangaluru in a way that was reachable and a language that was well-received by the masses and motivate them to take part in a cause that seemed larger than life.

The Solution

People were asked to click selfies as they disposed of trash. This gave the perception of doing something good for a larger cause. Once this task was achieved, then that individual was instructed to tag 5 friends on social media along with the hashtag #IamACleanAmbassador and the handle @SwachhMangalore urging others too to participate. This created a chain effect. For each selfie that led to 50 more selfies coming in, a promise was made by the organizers to plant saplings and nurture them.


The campaign spearheaded by a notable social worker saw a record pouring of 500+ photos coming in. People were made aware of waste management and green initiatives while the position of that activist was cemented as someone that could lead people towards a safer and sustainable environment.

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As humans, we all have the need to belong. When this need is addressed with coming together for a cause that is just, the point is answered. By designing a seemingly mundane job into an eye-catching activity for all, the mission is made not just successful but also a meaningful one, as it is looked back upon.

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