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Hoardings for Storytelling – Attracting the ongoers

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Beginning way back in 1944 at Puttur, ‘Muliya Jewels’ – a household name today has come a long way since then. Whether ethnic or more modern piece of jewellery, for puttureans it is as if, Muliya is already engraved in their hearts

The Challenge

While the Muliya Jewels brand name commands immense respect in and around Puttur, it is important to constantly work to keep up that endurance. This is becaus , despite goodwill, market situations are always dynamic. With new entrants entering th field, the onus is on the brand to retain consistency in being at the top of the game. Therefore strategies that not only keep the ‘brand’ alive, but also upmarket in the public eye goes a long way in driving newer audiences towards the brand.

The Solution

Staying fresh in the market means learn the tastes and preferences of the audience first and then adapt to it and offer an experience that resonates well with the aspirations of the people. The outdoor campaign for Muliya Jewels is influenced by this philosophy. Point in case here is kids being used as subjects for jewellery hoardings.


Banking on the aspirational value of jewellery possession, outdoor hoardings are not just able to attract new audiences, but they also appeal to a wide variety of an already existing customer base. This makes them feel included in the campaign’s message. Thus the campaign transcends itself, registering in the minds of its audience as an emotion that is larger than being just an advertisement.


Ad campaigns wield potential to move audiences. Aspirational value creates desire in the mind of interested individuals who could one day become potential customers. Repeated appearance of an ad campaign at strategic places in and around a region reinforces the need for associating with that brand. In this case, the driving factor is the fact that regions in and around Puttur are deeply traditional and that calls for various occasions and distinctly artistic pieces of jewelleries for various age groups including kids. Through its Outdoor ad campaigns, Muliya Jewels draws attention of the public to an aspirational value highlighting the impact of the product in one’s life, in this case it is kids and jewellery.

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