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7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Companies In and around Mangalore

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In the coastal city of Mangalore/Mangaluru, the digital revolution is underway. Local businesses are recognizing the need to adapt and harness the power of digital marketing to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced market. Traditional marketing methods are no longer enough in this age of smartphones, social media, and online shopping. To engage effectively with their target audience, companies must adopt a digital-first approach.

So, In this blog let’s explore the 7 key Digital Marketing strategies that will undoubtedly propel your business by enhancing the digital experience of your potential and existing customers

Local Business Listing

Ensure your business is listed on popular online directories and local platforms such as Google My Business, Justdial, and Yellow Pages. Optimize your listings with accurate and up-to-date information, including your address, contact details, and operating hours. This will enable local customers to find and connect with your business easily.

Most of your doubts on  Google Business Profile is covered in this blog, do check this out –

Create a Strong Website

In today’s digital world, a well-designed and optimized website is crucial for businesses. It serves as an online representation of your brand, attracting customers and driving growth, but if you are  a beginner, website builders are a great choice as these platforms provide templates and tools to create and customize websites without coding. Popular website builders include WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly & Zyro

Contact The Web People,  today for websites that are user-friendly, created with a focus on both aesthetics and functionality.

Bet On SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s visibility on search engine result pages. By optimizing your website’s content, structure, and technical aspects, you can increase its ranking and organic traffic. Focus on local keywords relevant to Mangalore to target potential customers in the area.

If you are restaurant business based in Puttur, you can target keywords such as restaurants near me, restaurant in puttur karnataka, veg  restaurants in puttur, bar and restaurants in puttur, etc  

Invest In Pay Per Click

PPC advertising allows you to display targeted ads on search engine result pages or social media platforms. Search ads, display ads, shopping ads, video ads, and re-targeting ads are some of the most common types of pay-per-click (PPC) ads that businesses use to reach their target audience. 

PPC ads are a cost-effective way to reach a specific audience and drive immediate traffic to your website. Set up targeted campaigns with relevant keywords to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

For more information on PPC ad statistics, please head to this link:

Go Social Media Marketing 

Leverage the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ,LinkedI and threads to engage with your target audience. Create compelling content, run targeted ads, and interact with your followers to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. Engaging with local communities, sharing local events, and collaborating with influencers can enhance your reach in Mangalore.

To stay ahead of the competition, using social media listening tools like Brandwatch, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Mentionlytics, and Talkwalker is always a good idea.

Visit the blog to gain insights into the effective strategies for social media to enhance the growth of small businesses.

Influencer Marketing

Collaborate with local influencers who have a significant following and influence in Mangalore. By partnering with influencers who align with your brand, you can tap into their audience and enhance brand visibility. Influencers can create sponsored content, host giveaways, or promote your products/services to their followers, helping you reach a wider audience.

There are a variety of tools and platforms that can help you find and connect with potential influencer collaborators, such as HypeAuditor, Clan Connect AI, Upfluence, Awario,  Ninja Outreach etc

Geo Fencing

Geo fencing is a marketing strategy that uses GPS to create a virtual perimeter around a physical location. When a device enters or exits this area, it triggers a specific action, such as sending a notification.

Businesses can use this strategy to target customers who are near a business, event, or other location. This can be a very effective way to reach people who are already interested in what you have to offer. Starbucks, McDonald’s, Nike, Walmart, and Amazon are some big brands that use geofencing to send targeted offers to customers.


By adapting these strategies and measuring it’s success with tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, HubSpot, Ahrefs, and Socialbakers, can capitalize on the growing market in Mangalore and establish a strong presence. These proven techniques will enable companies to outshine their competitors and achieve success in this rapidly expanding business landscape. Hence, embracing these strategies, companies in and around Mangalore can maximize their online presence, attract more customers, and achieve their marketing goals by driving success in the digital realm.

Comment below which new strategy would you like to adapt or the strategy that has worked wonders for you!.

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