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How to get good ROI with digital marketing?

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Investments are an addition of value and meaning. What do you think is meant by it? Contribution of time and money, two most influential factors to a mission is done with the motive of adding value to it, which after some time multiplies. While this is the basic tendency, knowing how that investment can be done to yield fruitfully is a maneuver altogether by itself. In digital marketing, taking cues from data transforms the investment tremendously and motivates to come up with even better strategies for subsequent attempts.

Here are some factors which businesses should take into consideration before investing in digital marketing to yield good ROI.

Site traffic:

Tracking the traffic coming to the website lets us know from where and how many users are visiting the website. Tools like Google Analytics help in tracking and show the channels that have helped direct the traffic. This is useful while strategizing marketing efforts, as it facilitates easier determination of the effective channel, while aligning focus on required areas.


When a visitor makes a purchase on a website or performs tasks like filling out the form, that is called a conversion. Conversions can be tracked to obtain data on the users that are really taking action v/s the ones who are simply browsing. Some tools track conversions and help determine the best channel for driving conversions.

Customer Lifetime Value:

CLV or customer lifetime value is the measure of total money which a customer will spend on the portal throughout their association with it. Tracking this helps understand loyal customers and the channel which brings them to the site. This data helps provide best service consistently.


‘Likes, Comments and Shares’ on popular social media platforms motivate profiles (business/individual) to keep up the good work. An analysis of this reveals success of the efforts and provides cues for improving the impact.

Reviewing brand awareness:

How much the general audience views and recalls a brand is the brand awareness. Periodic review over the awareness factor makes for an understanding of the brands reach and recognition in the market and the role of digital marketing strategies in effectively shaping the same.

From this blog, it is understood that assessing ROI of digital marketing efforts is important in determining effectiveness of the strategies. Periodic analysis of the site traffic, conversions on site, CLV, reactions on social media platforms and the brand recall are helpful in determining effectiveness of digital marketing strategies. This only bolsters the business’s digital marketing strong presence to continue staying on top of its industry. Approach Scaaale today to get the best value for your business’s online presence and make the most out of it.

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